Zzzing has developed this cleaning & sanitization protocol in consultation with experts in the fields of sanitization. The protocol is aligned with Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol, Booking.com’s standards, MTA’s 2020/2021 best practices and meets rigorous all hospitality and tourism standards.

Contactless check-in & check-out

Zzzing offers peace of mind and an unmatched customer experience for travelers with a contactless digital key room entry on the majority of their properties. This measure has been introduced as part of Zzzing’s environmentally friendly drive to reduce the use of plastic cards.

First disinfect,
then clean

The ‘First disinfect, then clean’ recommended method is implemented throughout all cleaning regiments. Doing both is the best way to reduce the spread of infection.

The Cleaning

Zzzing’s cleaning partners are committed to deliver regular staff training on on properly using cleaning, disinfecting, and chemical products (e.g. germicides) and on safe waste disposal.

A ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ attitude.

Every property is different and we understand that some have unique features that may require specialised cleaning or sanitising. If a property owner has a space that is not covered by this handbook, the same cleaning and sanitising principles outlined in this handbook will be applied.

A Room-by-Room Cleaning Protocol

The Kitchen

The heart of the home

All surfaces, appliances, inside and outside of cupboards, and chairs are sprayed with disinfectant detergent and wiped clean

The cooker hob is cleaned & disinfected, the oven is wiped inside and outside

The dishwasher and fridge are emptied and then cleaned and disinfected inside and outside

The toaster and microwave oven are cleaned and disinfected inside and outside

All dishes, mugs, utensils and cutlery are cleaned in the dish washer

All kitchen items to be stored back in place.

Sweep/Vacuum/Wash floors

Getting the kitchen guest-ready

2 clean dishtowels, and a new dish rag/sponge is placed.

The dishwasher detergent is restocked (1 tab for each day of stay plus 2 extra up to a max of 7 tabs),

Liquid dish soap, coffee filters, tea, coffee, milk, sugar, garbage bags and kitchen roll are added.

Sachets of instant coffee and sugar on the counter equivalent to the maximum sleeping capacity of the apartment are added.

1 x 2L bottle of water is put in the fridge.


Hygiene Heaven

All surfaces are wiped with multi-surface disinfectant

The showers, bathtubs, vanity, sinks, and backsplashes are scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized.

Mirrors are cleaned with a glass cleaner.

Toilets including bottom and lid are cleaned and sanitized

Chrome handles are polished.

Tile walls are cleaned and sanitized.

Wastebaskets are emptied,

Sweep/Vacuum/Wash floors.

Getting the bathroom guest-ready

3 x toilet paper rolls per bathroom,

Hand soap per bathroom

Shampoo & shower gel according to maximum sleeping capacity of the property

A clean shower mat is added

Living Room

Everyone's favourite gathering place

All surfaces including those high up are disinfected and wiped.

The ledges and windows and cleaned and disinfected

The furniture, blinds, picture frames, lamps and all other accessories are cleaned and disinfected.

Furniture, sofas and sofa cushions are vacuumed.

All windows and sliding glass doors are cleaned and disinfected

Change linens on sleeper sofa, if applicable vacuum underneath the couch and couch cushions

Sweep/Vacuum/Wash floors

Getting the living room guest-ready

Wastebaskets are emptied, cleaned and new bin liners are added

The property is staged as per Zzzing property manual.

The house manual, local guidebooks and any keys are placed in an easy to find location.


The relaxing place for superb sleep

All surfaces and mirrors are sprayed and disinfected.

The room including under the beds is swept, vacuumed and moped

Make sure all pillows have pillow protectors on them and the mattress has a mattress pad covering it. Change them as often as needed. Wipe down headboards and bed frames

Dirty linen is placed in laundry bags

Clean windows or any sliding doors

Check lightbulbs, replace accordingly.

Sweep/Vacuum/Wash floors

Getting the bedroom guest-ready

All sheets, pillow-cases and duvet covers are replaced with fresh Zzzing linen.

1 set of towels (bath sheet, hand towel, face cloth) per guest is put on the bed

All linen is professionally cleaned at an accredited laundry-mat, is washed at the recommended temperature and dried and pressed before storing.

Maintaining top standards


Additional cleaning routines implemented throughout the property

All A/C Filters are cleaned and sanitized.

All ceiling fans are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped clean.

Washer and dryer are emptied the lint trap is cleaned out

Light bulbs are checked, change if necessary.

Door mats are cleaned

BBQ grills are cleaned

The fireplace is cleaned

The batteries of smoke detectors are checked and replaced if required.

Safe-box batteries are checked and code is reset

Batteries in clocks are checked and replaced if required.

Batteries in door lock are checked and replaced if required.

Batteries in TV, HiFi, AC and other battery operated appliances are checked and replaced if required.

Laundry tabs are left on washing machine (1 tab for each day of stay plus 2 extra up to a max of 7)

All appliances are switched off

All windows and doors are locked

Plants are watered.

All cleaning duties are marked on the check-list, photos are taken and submitted to the Zzzing Supervisor.

The Cleaning and Sanitization certification sticker is fixed on the front door. This confirms that the property has been deep cleaned and no one has entered the room since.

Setting the benchmark, taking the lead

As travel is starting to pick up, Zzzing has implemented rigorous protocols to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety at each property. Our goal is to reassure guests, take all the proper precautions and guarantee the highest level of cleaning & sanitization.

We encourage all short-let property owners as well as property management companies to take our lead and share any recommendations, ideas or feedback with the Zzzing team so that we will all continue to work together to ensure that the local tourism industry thrives again.